The StrawBEARY Bear - Bring your Honey to the Bear!
        Some of the Bears at the Bear     
                      THE BEAR BAND                                                                         
                                        8 feet by 14 feet
                    KODIAK GRIZZLY
                    Over 10 feet tall !!!
                                                     April 2012
                       Guard Bear
                                              WELCOME BEAR
            & His New Look (April 2015)
                      QUICK BEAR
                                            May 2011
                    LEATHER BEAR
                                   COMPLETED 1984
                      Lattice Bear
                                      July 2012
                   Blue Ribbon and Best of Show Ribbon
                              at The N. Gila Co. Fair 
                           Momma & Cubs
                     8 feet X 12 feet
                                           Sept  2012