The StrawBEARY Bear - Bring your Honey to the Bear!
Ralls Drive is hard to see when
    you zip through our small town,
      so we have a detailed map to
              help you find us !
    If you are coming North to
  Strawberry from The Valley or
    Payson, at the top of the hill
   after Pine there will be a slow
    vehicle pull-out lane and just
        after that this sign.....

   then these signs. Slow down,
       look left .....BEAR LEFT!! 
      (Where truck is turning out)
      If you are heading South on 
 Hwy 87 from Flagstaff, Winslow,
 or Camp Verde then you will find
 us at the other end of town, about
      an eye-blink away from the
  beginning of town. Look for the  
  50mph sign, The  Bear food sign,
     and then the Ralls Drive sign.
     Slow down, look right.....
             BEAR RIGHT.