The StrawBEARY Bear - Bring your Honey to the Bear!
        The StrawBEARy Bear
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          Hibernation is over.
       Wednesday to Sunday   
   Lunch is served 11AM to 3PM
     Dinner is served 5PM to 8PM
                  The  Bear
   The Bear was originally known as Foxfire and the building marks its 40th anniversary this year. By the 80s the name was changed to The Black Bear. The restaurant was closed for a year and a half before Lisa and Hoop Bramoff
decided to try and restore it to the quality place it had once been.  They opened it November 17, 2010. It was because most people remembered it as "The Old Black Bear" that The Bear name was picked.
 Lisa is not only the owner but also the Chef. She has worked in restaurants since her early twenties.  She knows a good cut of meat...her grandfather was a butcher, and taught her so well that she cuts all of our steaks! She first came to Strawberry in 1986 when she moved her father here, and has been a year-round resident herself since 1997.
 At The Bear you can have your meal in the Dining Room, where you can watch our cooks preparing a fine steak, a seafood specialty, or one of our tasty appetizers.
 Or you can choose the lounge and have the same great dinners and adults can play a free game of pool or the entire family can have some fun on our 1975 Puck Bowling Machine.  
 Our lounge is also available for private parties.         
If you enjoy good food, good service, & good atmosphere on the edge of the forest, away from highway noise, with mountain views, then The Bear is for you!!